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Silkeborg Sø Camping: ”Onlinebooking V3 frees up 70-80 % of the workload”

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Officially, we don't have mountains in Denmark, but Himmelbjerget, located in the lake highlands near Silkeborg, is impressive with its 147 meters above sea level and gives lots of mountain atmosphere and steep hills. In the heart of Silkeborg and in the middle of this beautiful and hilly terrain lies Silkeborg Sø Camping with lake and forest right in the backyard. The campsite offers guests lovely accommodation and modern facilities, and each year families and nature lovers from all over Europe is attracted to experience the campsite and explore the surrounding nature.


Since 2000, Silkeborg Sø Camping has used CompuSoft’s booking solution and in 2020, has carried out further digitalization and implemented Onlinebooking V3.


Here is what the host couple Alice and Henning Kristiansen have to say


"With the implementation of V3, it is easier for us to make visible the various products that we offer for sale, this has certainly contributed to us being able to note an increased occupancy, especially with new customers"


Silkeborg Sø Camping offers rental of mobile homes, comfort cabins, comfort rooms, standard cabins, motorhome pitches, scout cabins, holiday apartments, shelters, comfort tents as well as pitches for your own caravan and tent. All the different rental units can be booked via the campsite's online booking, which offers 100% self-service booking for guests.


We have asked Alice and Henning if they have an estimate of how many of their guests use Onlinebooking V3:


"Everyone who wants to book before arrival does so, as we only accept online bookings. Customers who call the reception to book are referred to the online booking"


"We have had a good increase in revenue over the past 2 years, while we have had V3, but it is hard to say whether it is due to V3 or the time with Corona or both."



CompuSoft Onlinebooking V3 offers the guest dynamic search results. Briefly said, it means that the guests are always presented the most relevant accommodation options. CompuSoft has also largely focused on presenting the guest with alternative accommodation options, so that it is easy for the guest to see what options are available both in the desired period and in surrounding periods.


Onlinebooking V3 is a unique tool that gives the guest all information at their fingertips. At the same time, all administration in connection with inquiries and bookings is automated, which saves the campsite a lot of staff resources.


”Since the implementation of V3, we have been able to free up approximately 70-80 % of the workload in relation to completing bookings. This is partly due to the fact that we do not have to reply back to whether we have free capacity, that we do not have to send out booking confirmations manually, that we do not have to look for and post payments, that we do not have to move for missing payments, and that in in the future there will never be a booking error on our part, which gives peace of mind"


The automation also means that the guest accepts the campsite's terms and conditions prior to booking, which is of great importance in cases where the guest cancels their booking.


"We handle all cancellations in accordance with current trading conditions, which encourage the guest to take out cancellation insurance, as all bookings made online in V3 with us are NON-REFUNDABLE. In certain cases (if it is an advantage to us), we offer the customer to rebook"


Digitizing a campsite makes it easier for both guests and staff. Guests can book when they have time, and the seasonal staff do not need to be trained in the administrative processes. This means that personnel resources are released for other services, which is also the case at Silkeborg Sø Camping.


"Many customers book in the evening when we are not normally at the office, which tells us that the guest benefits from us being online 24/7"


"We have become far less vulnerable to staff who find it difficult to handle the booking system. Since the implementation of V3, we have not had a single overbooking"


Thanks to Alice and Henning from Silkeborg Sø Camping for sharing their experiences with us and for recommending CompuSoft Onlinebooking V3 to other campsites.


Take a look at Silkeborg Sø Camping's onlinebooking


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