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Holiday parks and holiday homes

Put together the perfect holiday for your guest - at the best price

CompuTour all-in-one booking platform and management solution for renting holiday homes and selling packages. You get a tailor-made solution that automates all daily operations in your rental business, and will be the key feature of every single task you perform. Basically, everything you do manually today can be done much faster and autonomously with the CompuCamp booking system.

Make it easy for guests to book and put together their holiday stay

CompuTour provides a good start to the holiday

Make it easy for guests to book and put together their holiday stay

Excellent guest service with all information in the guest app

Put together the perfect holiday for your guest - at the best price

CompuTour turn key overall solution for rental of holiday homes and package deals

Put together the perfect holiday for your guest - at the best price

Design individual holiday experiences and automate ownership agreements and guest communication


With CompuTour you can service guests with everything that has to do with holidays: Booking holiday homes, transport, experiences and everything in between.

The system handles settlement with house owners as well as the owners' stay in their own house.


CompuTour booking and management


  • Extensive in-house booking with all the features you could dream of
  • Dynamic online booking that boosts your rental business
  • Sale of package holidays
  • Automated settlement with holiday home owners
  • Revenue distribution of rental income between owners and landlords
  • Automatic blocking for rent during the periods the owner uses their own house
  • Dashboards with 'real-time' key figures for important data. Read more here.
  • TaskManger for planning and distributing practical tasks to your employees
  • Intelligent booking tools with an overview of all holiday homes. Here you can group, rotate and split bookings

Guest apps and digital key for everything

  • Digital check-in and digital guest key for everything
  • Smart guest apps that keep the guest well informed
  • Partner booking, agent booking and allotment
  • Unique customization of tools and features to your needs
  • Booking profile tool that gathers and groups rental units across categories
  • Comprehensive price calendar, price differentiation and automatic price management
  • Structured guest communication before, during and after the stay
  • Automatic bookkeeping via integration with your financial system
  • Option: Integration with CompuMat access control and consumption registration

Rent holiday homes online, retain the guest and increase turnover


Invest in an integrated online booking system that instantly boosts your business, making it easy and convenient for guests to book stays, activities and events, with significantly fewer phone calls to reception.

Present your holiday homes online with a photo gallery and descriptions and make it easy for guests to see your holiday homes. When a guest can see the holiday home he is buying and the facilities that are in the house, they feel more confident of their purchase.

Increase your revenue with upselling, cross-selling and by retaining the guest. Let your online booking offer the guest alternative holiday homes, alternative periods, package holidays, other offers, last minute offers and the opportunity to buy gift cards.

Everything takes place 'live' and is fully automated.

We are a supplier of award-winning B2C webshops and booking portals. With CompuSoft's online booking system, you get a dynamic solution that instantly boosts your sales.


Market your holiday homes on all booking portals

CompuSoft online booking offers online channel management for all your booking channels.

This makes it easy to market and present your holiday homes on all the booking portals you work with.

Your holiday homes, rental prices and holiday packages are synchronized 'live' with your booking portals from the back-end booking system.


Read more about online booking here.

What exactly can we help you with?

Throw away all notepads and delete your countless spreadsheets. CompuCamp booking system gives you all the tools so you can be organized and maintain an overview from a central location. The system contains all the features you could dream of. Here are some selected tools:


Front desk management

With a few clicks you have access to:

  • Interactive booking calendar showing reservations, arrivals/departures for all periods
  • Individual reservations so you can update details and take notes
  • Guest profiles to personalize the guest's experience
  • Price planning tool for all conceivable price adjustments
  • Guest accounts, deposits/withdrawals, rates/reminders
  • Invoicing, crediting, debtor management, bookkeeping
  • Dashboards with key figures, reports and Business Intelligence
  • Guest communication, follow-up, evaluation, marketing.

Cloud-based technology

It is important that you have the opportunity to be away from the front desk and still be able to manage your business. This is why CompuCamp Next Generation is Cloud-based, so you always have access to important features from all devices.


Guest communication

All communication with guests must be fast, convenient and personal. With the CompuCamp booking system, it is easy to standardize e-mails and send them out automatically, such as:

  • Confirmation of reservation
  • Information before-stay
  • Information during the stay
  • Thanks for staying and requesting feedback


Channel Manager synchronization

Channel Manager allows you to market all your rental units on all your connected sales channels at the same time and get each one updated instantly and automatically, as soon as guests make a reservation. You can view all your information in real time and make adjustments as you see fit.


Booking engine 

The comprehensive booking engine ensures integration with webshop/online booking, social media sites and partners, and it synchronizes and processes this information in the same way as your own bookings.


Welcome to foreign guests

Multi-currency converter and language management give your foreign guests an unproblematic booking experience.


We offer much more than 'just' a booking system

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We help you run a successful business


It is obvious that part of running a business involves analyzes of the company's performance.


Our dashboards present graphical key figures (BI) about your business, and enable you to measure company performance, reservation availability, occupancy rates, guest status, revenue and revenue distribution, sales statistics, cash flow, promotion returns and much more.  


In addition to the usual statistical material required, we offer detailed history and documentation of everything you and your accountant may want.


Once you know the company's key figures, it's easier to make the right decisions and achieve secure growth.

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We help you streamline your business


CompuCamp booking system is an all-in-one solution that offers handling of all tasks in one single system. It provides new opportunities to streamline workflows, guest services and human resources.


We have a strong focus on streamlining check-in and check-out, and the booking system offers a wealth of intelligent and automatic functions. E.g.:


  • Automatic check-in
  • Automatic generation and sending of documents
  • Automatic posting on the guest's accounts
  • Automatic final settlement and check-out
  • Automatic booking proposal, based on your accommodation rules/priorities
  • Internal planning/schematization of routine printouts
  • Automatic generation/printing of arrival lists, in-house lists, departure lists, meal plans, cash statements,
  • invoice journals, etc.
  • Scheduled bookkeeping via timers to start bookkeeping and checklists
  • Internal disposition/handling of tasks for staff.
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We help you with fast, easy and personal guest communication


Guest communication is a constant challenge. It does not take long before a guest begins to doubt whether they have made the right booking if they do not hear from you quickly. Therefore, it is essential that the guest's confirmation is sent as soon as a reservation has been made, regardless of whether the guest has booked directly at the reception, via your online shop or on one of your other booking channels.


With the CompuCamp booking system, all communication with guests takes place automatically, and it is easy to standardize e-mails and send them out automatically, such as:


  • Confirmation of reservation
  • Information before-stay
  • Information and tips during the stay
  • Thank you for the visit, evaluation and see you again
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Intelligent booking tools

Booking calendar PRO: Combined overview of rental units, reservations, and events. Filter, sort and delimit display in every conceivable way. It is easy to move, rearrange and exchange one or more reservations in the same operation. Free design of colors and display. Click on a reservation and see details.

Graphic booking: Combined overview of available, occupied and reserved rental units. Symbols and colors signal device type and rental status. Tap a device to see details.


Time Booking: Easy booking of all the additional facilities, e.g. conference rooms, tennis courts, sauna, bowling alleys, bicycles, etc. Here you can book in intervals from 15 minutes to whole weeks.

Booking request: Express overview of available, occupied or reserved rental units. Refine and filter by specific device types and device numbers. Displays days lost and how many days the rental unit is available. Click on a device and see details, e.g. equipment list, interior, views, location.

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Digital marketing and strategy


Strategic guest communication: Dispatch of confirmations, contracts, reminders, welcome information, departure information, thank you for the visit, evaluation and see you again.

Targeted guest follow-up: Text messages or e-mails to selected guests e.g. based on geographical areas/nationality, periods of residence/seasons, rental units/purchases of goods/registrations.


Needs analyzes: Ask about your guests' opinions, wishes and needs and get detailed needs analyzes that can form the basis for your investments and decisions.

Activity calendar: Schedule seasonal activities and automatically send out invitations to guests.

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Express check-in and express booking


Express check-in: Lightning-fast check-in of guests with advance reservations via booking no., telephone no. or QR code.


Express registration: Online lookup of the guest's telephone number via the internet or via ID card, e.g. health insurance card, camping card etc.


Automatic booking suggestion: Lightning fast proposal for the most optimal accommodation based on defined accommodation rules. E.g. which rental units/areas must first be booked, which units/areas may be used if 1st priority is occupied etc.


Automatic group booking: Based on the group's accommodation rules, the system automatically books accommodation for all the group’s participants. For example, account is taken of whether the group must be accommodated in the same area, men and women accommodated together or separately, special rules for selected persons in the group, how many persons may be accommodated together, etc.


Quick booking: Automatic assignment of the most optimal rental unit for families or individuals.

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Dynamisk online booking + channel management



Dynamic online booking individually tailored to your business and with all the features you could dream of. And with fully integrated channel management for auto sync of all your associated booking channels.

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Restaurant module



Restaurant module including table reservation, take-away, take-out, happy hour, order management for kitchen, handheld PDAs, split bills, account customers and much more.

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POS cash register solution for shop/kiosk with free design of buttons, packages, offers. 

(CompuCash POS Basic is included. CompuCash POS PRO module is add-on.)


The CompuCash POS cash register terminal is designed to meet the special challenges posed to tourism companies: Great flexibility, a wealth of functions, fast dispatch, easy to learn for seasonal workers and must be able to perform 100% during busy periods.


With CompuCash, you get a cash register solution that solves all your tasks within the shop, kiosk, café, restaurant and ticket sales - even in one single system.

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Task Manager module

(add on)


Remove all the yellow notes from your desk. The Task Manager module handles it all for you. Here you can create tasks, advise staff, delegate tasks to several people and queue tasks. The employee receives notification on his/her smartphone via the TaskManager app. When the task has been completed, the employee sends back a notification via the app. 


When you create tasks related to rental units, this appears on the overview of the booking calendar and the booking request. Thus, the reception staff is updated on which rental units are ready for check-in and which are awaiting treatment.

Used for e.g. scheduling of cleaning tasks, maintenance and repair tasks.

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Discount and gift card module



Three good reasons to sell gift cards:


  1. Offer your guests gift cards instead of refunds = customer retention
  2. Increased sales via online shop = strengthening your company's liquidity
  3. Discount/gift cards are easily sent digitally to the guest = quickly and easily


Read more here

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Corporate group module



A platform for companies with multiple destinations:


  • Common database/local database.
  • Administration and management
  • Economy
  • Marketing
  • Business Intelligence


Prices · Document handling · Contracts · End of day with e.g. cash flow and revenue · History of transactions per station per user · Accounting · Marketing · Online booking portal · Promotions · packages · bonus program


Read more here

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Elimination of no-shows


Handling of intelligent cancellation rules and fees, which are automatically credited to the guest's credit card, which provides extra revenue for cancellations and 'no-shows'.

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Authorization of amounts from credit cards


When your guest completes a transaction, an authorization is performed on the guest's credit card. This means that we check that the card is genuine and that there is coverage on it. Then we make a reservation where the amount is reserved. When the accounts are closed, excess amounts are returned to the guest.

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Breakdown of accounts

Guest accounts can be split and divided into several accounts for the same customer. E.g. the overnight accounts and additional accounts.

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Seasonal prices and differentiation


Professional handling of even very complex price structures. E.g. automatic management of surcharges, deductions or discounts regarding the individual item. You can create your very own price structure and, among other things, set up individual rules applicable to specific seasons, specific customer groups, arrivals on certain days of the week, stays of a certain length, stays in certain units, etc. This means that the system always assigns the correct price.

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Dynamic Pricing 


Automatic pricing based on your company's current occupancy. Intelligent and automatic price management in relation to supply and demand. This way, you always obtain the optimal price for your products.

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Revenue Mangement



Our intelligent revenue management generates your prices based on analyzes of several complex parameters, e.g. weather, local events, etc. and predicts consumer behavior as a result. This way, you always obtain the optimal price for your products.

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