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CompuSoft delivers ticketing and access control solutions for attractions, museums, amusement parks, sports facilities, swim facilities, wellness, and fitness facilities

Ticketing, booking, and access control


Ticketing, booking, and access control

Self-service ticketing for wellness, sports, fitness, and swimming facilities

Intelligent capacity management detects check-in and check-out

Intelligent capacity management detects check-in and check-out

COVID-19: How to meet the new guidelines for swimming pools.

With our intelligent capacity management, you can easily keep track of the number of people in the swimming pool or in special areas of the sports center. Read more here about how easily you can comply with the new COVID-19 access rules

Are both you and your guests tired of long queues at the ticket office?


Here you can see two short videos from swimming pools that have implemented our self-service ticket system:



A self-service ticket sales system with e-ticketing and integrated access control reduces the queue and provides convenient control of events and, not least, everyday ticket sales and the number of visitors.


CompuSoft offers a comprehensive product portfolio, and you can scale and expand your ticketing solution as required, and experience the benefits of a solution that embraces the entire facility and all facilities.


In addition to ticket sales, we offer access control, hall-booking, self-service vending machines, electronic locking system for lockers, online booking, guest apps, POS checkout terminals, café and restaurant management, e-ticketing, e-wallet, handheld PDAs for ticket sales and validation, parking system, and much more. Everything is fully integrated, easy to manage and easily accessible to your guests.


CompuTicket: Convenient ticketing through innovative, unmanned entrance solutions

CompuSoft was the first in Denmark to develop a 100% self-service entrance concept for sports events and facilities. Since then, we have rethought our ticketing concept and designed a host of new options. With the CompuTicket ticket system, you get many new options for your guests and for your sports center.


We offer complete solutions for ticketing, access control and capacity management. The CompuTicket ticket system has been implemented with great success at many Danish swimming pools.


The solutions are based on our combined ticket sales and delivery machines, e-ticketing with smart ticket apps and payment solutions for guests, intelligent ticket scanners, information screens and an underlying administration system. This is a concept that, in addition to facilitating the work of the reception, makes it easier for the sports center's guests to buy tickets, both online and at ticket machines.

In the same product range, a fast and compact cancellation terminal for chip armbands is also launched. The new delivery and cancellation terminals can be part of an overall, self-service concept that streamlines entry and exit flow.


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