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Access Control and Key System

Central management of all your activities brings together all loose ends and makes it easier for your guests to use your facilities.

Strengthen your guests with one digital guest key for everything

Integrated access control and key system that can be expanded with electricity and water consumption measurement

Strengthen your guests with one digital guest key for everything

Choose your solution: Supports both simple access control solutions and self-service unmanned tourism businesses

Modular IoT (Internet of Things)

Access control, security, digital key, power consumption measurement, ID, and ticket validation

The CompuMat IoT access control and key system is designed for tourism businesses. The system has a very flexibly structure and can be adapted to your business in every conceivable way.


CompuMat access control and key system was created together with our booking system and therefore offers 100 % integration with a very high degree of control and security and with a strong focus on flexibility and excellent guest service.


The system is modular and is aimed at companies that need management and control of both guest and staff access. Ranging from very extensive solutions where the entire facility is 100% self-serviced to less extensive solutions where only control of a boom or a door is needed.


The access control and key system can be expanded as needed with e.g., ticketing, consumption measurement and consumption payment. All within the same CompuSoft universe, so your company can combine all loose ends in an easily accessible cloud-based solution. Guests experience a sense of cohesion since everything is connected and easily accessible either via the guest app, QR codes, pin codes or chip media.

Modular IoT (Internet of Things)