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Self-service machines for all purposes

Check-in without waiting time at the reception

Self-service machines enhance the guest experience and free up staff time

Welcome! Here you can check in without waiting time

Indulge your guests with a smooth and accommodating welcome by offering them the opportunity to skip the queue and check in using our innovative self-service machine. Whether the guests prefer to take control themselves or to arrive outside of reception opening hours, we ensure a seamless arrival experience.


With our versatile self-service machines, available around the clock, a feeling of flexibility and security is created, allowing your guests to seek information, check in and access the facilities without difficulty.


By making guests independent of reception opening hours, you meet their need for independence and create a more pleasant experience.

Welcome! Here you can check in without waiting time
What can a self-service solution help with?

What can a self-service solution help with?

With CompuSoft's self-service solutions, guests can conveniently check in around the clock at the self-service machine, after which barriers, gates and doors can be opened with just a few clicks on their mobile phone. The system sends an SMS to the guest as soon as the guest's pitch or cabin is cleaned and ready to receive the guest.


Everything happens live, completely digitally and without being tied to a receptionist. It creates freedom for the guest and brings the camping experience to a whole new level.


Experience the many benefits of CompuSoft's self-service solutions, which we tailor to your needs. Our self-service solutions include:

  • Check-in and check-out
  • Booking and extension of stay
  • Opening barriers, gates, and doors
  • Various payment solutions
  • Purchase parking, access to facilities, etc.
  • Issuance of tickets, access codes, etc.


Not only do we save time at the reception, but we also save a lot of money on personnel costs with this kiosk. I estimate it to be equivalent to between a quarter and half a staff member.


Create extraordinary service and upselling opportunities with CompuSoft's self-service machines

From campsites, holiday resorts and motorhome campsites to attractions, swimming pools and marinas - our self-service machines are suitable for any business looking to make it easy for guests to be self-sufficient.


Furthermore, our self-service machines can be combined with our booking system, access control system and guest app. It allows guests to check in without time limits as well as have easy access to everything your business sells, thereby increasing your business' sales of extra accommodations and services.


By automating certain tasks, time and resources are freed up at the reception, allowing your staff to focus on providing even more personalized service to your guests. In this way, your guests receive an extraordinary service, while your business generates additional sales.

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Create extraordinary service and upselling opportunities with CompuSoft's self-service machines
Self-service machines for all purposes

Self-service machines for all purposes

CompuSoft sells self-service machines, check-in terminals and vending machines that can be used for various purposes. The machines can, for example, be used for self-service check-in / check-out, booking and extending stays, purchasing access to facilities such as swimming pools, wellness and sports courts, or for events and activities.


The machines accept contactless payment via payment card and can issue access tickets, access codes, single-use cards or single-use wristbands. In addition, the machines can also be used as an information terminals, parking meter and for many other purposes.

Stay open 24/7 and offer extra service during busy periods with automated check-in flow

For some of our customers, the self-service machine is included as an option for self-sufficient guests who prefer to be independent of the reception. Other customers have chosen to implement 100% self-service, where all bookings and payments are made at the machine. You can implement self-service solutions in your business at the level you want.


With an automated check-in flow, the guest can e.g. arrive outside reception hours and safely and easily check-in at the self-service machine and then open barriers and doors with a few clicks on the mobile phone.


Experience all the benefits of a tailored self-service solution that suits you and your guests perfectly.

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Stay open 24/7 and offer extra service during busy periods with automated check-in flow
Choose your own layout

Choose your own layout

Decide for yourself what should be on your self-service machine, as well as what it should be used for.

Buy or rent (HaaS)

We offer self-service machines at competitive prices. You can choose to buy the self-service machine outright or take advantage of our beneficial Hardware as a Service (HaaS) agreement.


The HaaS model offers a wide range of advantages. You rent the self-service machine on a full-service agreement, where CompuSoft is responsible for repairs and maintenance of the IT equipment. This way, you know your fixed expenses and are protected against unexpected repair expenses.

I would like to hear more about the prices and options with HaaS

Buy or rent (HaaS)
The self-service machines can be customised according to your preferences and tailored with a variety of features

The self-service machines can be customised according to your preferences and tailored with a variety of features

The self-service machines can be provided in many different configurations, which can be placed either outdoors, e.g. at the entrance to your facility, or indoors, e.g. at the entrance to the reception. In the picture you see CompuTouch Outdoor on the left and CompuTouch Compact on the right.


The user interface of the self-service machine can be tailored specifically to your project with the functions, options and payment methods that you wish to offer your guests.


In addition, the machine can be equipped with the necessary hardware (I/O) that is relevant for your business. This could include a QR scanner, receipt printer, contactless payment, ticket printer, etc. Payment units can be implemented for all our vending machines. Here you can choose between contactless or cash payment, payment card and MobilePay. We negotiate the agreements and ensure that everything works from the start.


Read more about the many options under the specifications below.

Combine with cPay guest app and gain even more benefits

With our guest app cPay, you can offer your guests easy and convenient online self-service. Via cPay, guests can book and pay for their stay, check in and out, order food and drinks, buy tickets, purchase additional services and much more.


cPay can be combined with our self-service machine, booking system and access control system, making it easy and clear for your guests to plan and take control of their stay down to the smallest detail. We call it an automated check-in flow, where the guest checks in at the self-service machine and then can open barriers and doors with their mobile phone.


In this way, with our combined self-service solutions, you can offer your guests an extremely flexible and extraordinary service, while at the same time revolutionizing your business and creating new upselling opportunities.

Read more about our cPay guest app here

Combine with cPay guest app and gain even more benefits

Quick and secure guest service


Function overview

100% self-service


Our self-service machines assist many holiday resorts, amusement parks, marinas and sports centers in serving their guests - providing complete self-service, allowing you and your staff to focus on delivering excellent customer service.

User-friendly and hospitable


Your guests can comfortably check in, issue tickets or purchase desired services. From A to Z, the guest is guided to their destination thanks to an easy and hospitable user interface.

Payment powerhouse


Get your self-service machine equipped with an integrated payment terminal for contactless payment, MobilePay, cash payment, as well as payment with your own value cards and gift cards.

Customisation-friendly and fast


In addition to delivering excellent performance, providing your guests with a smooth user experience, it is just as easy for you and your employees to configure the vending machine's functions.

Extend your opening hours


Let the self-service machine handle the tasks when you and your employees have finished work or are on holiday. With the self-service machine, you can stay open around the clock and thereby increase your turnover.


Physical specifications

Standard dimensions (height x width x depth), cm

182.1 x 52.1 x 34 (dimensions can be tailored as required)

Screen size, diagonal

19" (48.2 cm)


Anodised aluminum

I/O (Peripheral)


QR scanner, barcode scanner, webcam, RFID/NCF reader

Access control and user input

RFID/NFC reader, pinpad, haptic and capacitive push buttons

Delivery and printing

Receipt printer, label printer, ticket printer, parking ticket printer, card dispensing and collection. CompuTouch can be provided with a costumised number of dispensing units.


Contactless technologies

MobilePay, contactless card payment, scanning of gift cards

Physical payment

Credit card terminal, cash payment module

Online payment

Online redemption, instalment payment, etc.

Security and strength

Vandal and damage protection

Impact-resistant screen panel, double key lock for the interior of the machine, digital tamper switch


CompuTouch is available in indoor and outdoor variants. The outdoor variant comes with a built-in air conditioning system for ventilation and humidity regulation. The machine is suitable for direct outdoor installation and withstands all types of weather conditions.

CompuTouch Kiosk Software

Overall features (contact us to hear about all the functions)

Check-in, check-out, additional purchases, graphic overview, open 24/7 or with customised opening hours, customer login, access control, control of the boom barrier, breakfast ordering, table reservation, ticket and entrance purchases, parking registration, modification of existing reservation, purchase of annual pass, refueling of consumption cards/membership cards, etc.


Touch-friendly user interface with high contrast and well-tested, intuitive interface.



230V AC


Ethernet connection

Comfort and accessibility


Built-in glare-free LED downlight in warm white tone

Wheelchair accessibility

Physical controls at suitable height


Built-in language control (standard: English, Danish, German, Swedish and Norwegian)


Touch-activated high-resolution color screen behind glare-reducing protective glass