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Sports and Amenity Areas

Scalable ticket solutions for swimming pools, wellness centers, fitness and all other sports and events facilities.

CompuSoft provides scalable ticketing solutions with integrated access and capacity management, timeslots, hall-booking, locker locks, café/restaurant and wellness, ticketing machines, e-ticketing and ticketing apps.


Ticketing, booking, and access control


Ticketing, booking, and access control

Self-service ticketing for wellness, sports, fitness, and swimming facilities

CompuTicket e-ticket sales system

Ticket sales in the shortest possible time are achieved via intuitive, tailor-made sales systems. With CompuTicket, you get a tailor-made e-ticketing solution for your sports facility. The solution can be scaled as necessary and can be used both as a stand-alone ticket sale or in integration with our access control systemand thus it can handle your entire installation with all facilities and all sub-departments.

It makes things easier, both for you and for your guests

CompuTicket in combination with our integrated access control gives your system an elegant and sophisticated solution. Your guests will find that it is easier to buy a ticket for your installation and to use the installation's facilities. Guests can access and make use of your installation's facilities via the entrance ticket. The guest can also use the entrance ticket as a top-up voucher and payment card for consumption payment when using, for example, the purchase of facilities/services or when making purchases in a kiosk, café, etc.


Your company benefits greatly from having its administration and customer care in one system. The management and reception can easily administer all associated facilities, change times, prices and access, lock the facility doors and control the heat and light. All sales figures for the integrated departments and facilities are gathered in one place, and you obtain an optimal overview and the use of your installation.


No more queues at the ticket office

We tailor your sales terminals to the special functions to be performed there.
We make sure that your sales staff has the ultimate tool at hand for effective sales. CompuTicket can be operated via stationary sales terminals at the ticket booth and ticket sales are also possible from handheld PDAs. Thus, you can easily move your ticket sales outside the ticket desk when holding special events that require this.

Offer a self-service ticketing concept and make it easier for your guests to play sports

CompuSoft ticketing machines offer intuitive and fast operation. The machines have been tested with great success in busy environments by both athletes and by young and older guests.
Payment is easy and convenient: The machine accepts cash payment, foreign currency, various payment cards, MobilePay and GooglePay.
If the guest chooses to buy his ticket online on your website, they will receive a barcode ticket via email or via text message. The barcode is then used as an e-ticket.

Chip wristbands act as a cash-free means of payment

When the ticket system is combined with our access control system, all entrances, doors and facilities are controlled in one system. The solution offers an exceptional guest service with increased utilization of the opportunities in your center. The ticket serves as the guest's ID and gives access to all or selected facilities. The ticket can be used as a top-up voucher and as payment for the use of facilities and the purchase of e.g. beverages.

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Are both you and your guests tired of long queues at the ticket office?


Here you can see two short videos from swimming pools that have implemented our self-service ticket system:



A self-service ticket sales system with e-ticketing and integrated access control reduces the queue and provides convenient control of events and, not least, everyday ticket sales and the number of visitors.


CompuSoft offers a comprehensive product portfolio, and you can scale and expand your ticketing solution as required, and experience the benefits of a solution that embraces the entire facility and all facilities.


In addition to ticket sales, we offer access control, hall-booking, self-service vending machines, electronic locking system for lockers, online booking, guest apps, POS checkout terminals, café and restaurant management, e-ticketing, e-wallet, handheld PDAs for ticket sales and validation, parking system, and much more. Everything is fully integrated, easy to manage and easily accessible to your guests.


CompuTicket: Convenient ticketing through innovative, unmanned entrance solutions

CompuSoft was the first in Denmark to develop a 100% self-service entrance concept for sports events and facilities. Since then, we have rethought our ticketing concept and designed a host of new options. With the CompuTicket ticket system, you get many new options for your guests and for your sports center.


We offer complete solutions for ticketing, access control and capacity management. The CompuTicket ticket system has been implemented with great success at many Danish swimming pools.


The solutions are based on our combined ticket sales and delivery machines, e-ticketing with smart ticket apps and payment solutions for guests, intelligent ticket scanners, information screens and an underlying administration system. This is a concept that, in addition to facilitating the work of the reception, makes it easier for the sports center's guests to buy tickets, both online and at ticket machines.

In the same product range, a fast and compact cancellation terminal for chip armbands is also launched. The new delivery and cancellation terminals can be part of an overall, self-service concept that streamlines entry and exit flow.


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Membership card and season card

User-friendly and easy handling of membership cards, season tickets, day tickets and annual cards.

Automatic sending of reminders and automatic renewal of membership cards and season tickets.

Automatic allocation of discounts and surcharges, as well as extended times/services for VIP members.

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Barcode tickets, e-ticketing or non-contact chip media

Combine and mix ticket types as you like. The system works with all known forms of ticket types: Reusable non-contact, chip media, disposable armbands, all kinds of cards, tags, paper tickets, key-self codes, image recognition, SMS codes and bar codes for electronic ticketing, pre-printed tickets in rolls for ticket printers, tear-off tickets.

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Digital wallet and guest apps for cashless payment, overall overview and easier purchase

Extraordinary service for your guests: The chip armband serves as an entrance ticket, as a personal ID and for cashless payment for additional purchases anywhere in your center.

The CompuTicket guest app offers the guest a comprehensive overview of tickets, account, times, bookings and makes it easier for the guest to book and pay for additional purchases directly from the guest app.

Intelligent capacity management detects check-in and check-out

Intelligent capacity management detects check-in and check-out

With our intelligent capacity management, you can easily keep track of the number of people in the swimming pool or in special areas of the sports center. 

CompuSoft offers smart capacity management with timeslots solutions and with integrated information screen and dashboard that clearly displays the number of people in the swimming pool to guests and staff. When the pools are fully occupied, ticketing can be paused automatically until there is room for more visitors.

Combine and scale as needed!


We offer the market's most comprehensive product portfolio for sports and events.


CompuTicket can be integrated with a large number of modules and functions. We offer an all-in-one solution that embraces all aspects of your sports installation, all facilities and all subdivisions.


With a wide range of modules, we meet all needs, regardless of the size of the installation, and you can manage even very complex sports installation with every conceivable facility in one complete system.


All modules can be equipped, adapted and scaled as desired.

  • Ticketing
  • Access control
  • Hall and track booking
  • Handheld PDAs
  • Member management
  • Conference module
  • Booking of stay/accommodation
  • Online booking and online payment
  • Wireless locking systems
  • Self-service solutions
  • Guest app with smart payment solution
  • Vending machines for automatic delivery and cancellation of tickets
  • Bonus and points system
  • Café and restaurant solution
  • POS cash register terminal
  • Parking system

Electronic identification and locking system

With a fully integrated digital locking system, you offer guests easy access to secure changing room lockers.

You may also offer that the guest can rent extra storage and safes.

Naturally, the guest's digital access ticket is used as the key to their locker.


The CompuTicket electronic locking system supports chips, barcodes and PINs

The lockers clearly signal whether they are available or occupied.


Keyless lock - works via PIN code

Easy entry of PIN code via touch-sensitive keyboard.


Non-contact lock - via RFID armband or card

The chip media is simply held up in front of the chip reader to activate the lock.


NFC lock - via smartphone

With NFC technology, the guest can use his smartphone to activate the lock.

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