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Marselisborg Marina Implements Digitalization

Marselisborg Lystbådehavn

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In Marselisborg Marina, only about 1 km from Aarhus City, one of Denmark’s most modern and visionary marinas is operated with the guest as the focal point.  CompuSoft was chosen as system and payment solution provider, to run the marinas digitalization journey with a focus on easy and convenient online payment via cPay, and state-of-the-art self-service via CompuTouch.


Thanks to Marselisborg Marina’s broad focus on activities, leisure, and facilities the marina is a popular destination for both the city’s tourist, guest sailors, campers, boaters, city locals, food enthusiasts, nature lovers, and many others. 


Marselisborg Marina is home to 490 boat berths – primarily season regulars – that frequents the marina’s facilities, shops, and restaurants. Thus, Marselisborg had a rising need for easily offering the marina’s loyal visitors easy access to several services, including:


At the same time, it must be easy for the marina’s guests to extend their stay and have a full overview of their power consumption via the cWallet guest app.


The CompuSoft self-service system ties together all the marina’s services in a seamless way without guests having to install apps or ask for help at the seaport office while making their stay more inspiring and giving more time for enjoyment. Guests pay either via cPay or at the marina’s self-service kiosk, CompuTouch. Or even simpler: The guests just scan the QR-codes on the site, washer, power socket, access barrier, etc. and instantly get access to the marina’s exclusive offers.


With CompuMat IoT wireless electricity consumption measurement and management, the entire energy system can be self-operated while each guest is offered the right power pack in line with the sustainable way of thinking.


All of this is included in CompuSoft's value-creating self-service concept.


You can read much more about cPay here or visit Marselisborg Marina's all-in-one (one-stop-shopping) solution at

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