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Automation of your marina provides new opportunities for optimizing the harbor's capacity and increase revenue

360 degrees solutions

New technology is revolutionizing harbor payment

360 degrees solutions

100% self-service for the harbor's guests with our payment app and digital free/occupied signs

cPay electronic payment of fees and electricity

Make it easy for the harbor's guest to pay online. When it is easy for the harbor's guests to pay for the harbor's services, you get happy guests and increased turnover. With the harbor's very own webshop, the harbor's guests can easily and quickly purchase access to all conceivable services and facilities at the harbor installation.


With cPay webshop you offer online service to your guests:

  • Online harbor payment
  • Online booking of moorings
  • Online purchase of shore power and water connection
  • Online purchase of access to showers, laundry
  • Online payment for use of slipway and crane
  • Online purchase and payment of rental of car, bicycles etc.


In combination with CompuSoft IoT mesh control of your power connectors, you achieve full automation and all the benefits of an online payment solution. CompuSoft's cloud modules connect to your existing or new consumption meters. You will immediately experience the benefits of an intelligent, online power management system, and at the same time your guests can operate themselves outside the port office's opening hours.

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cPay electronic payment of fees and electricity

cWallet guest app - elegant service for harbor guests and no more empty berths

When you equip your moorings with the cWallet guest app, a world of new opportunities opens up for the full utilization of the harbor's potential. At the same time, the permanent tenant can remotely operate their mooring and "their harbor" online and get easy access to everything.


  • Reservation calendar for "own berth" makes it easy for the permanent tenant to announce when the berth can be rented out to another party, which increases the harbor's capacity.
  • Remote reading/operation of electricity and water consumption
  • Access control for doors, boom barriers, laundry, service, etc.
  • Easy access to all documents: Contracts, invoices, information

cWallet guest app - elegant service for harbor guests and no more empty berths
New technology is revolutionizing harbor payments and boosting your harbor

New technology is revolutionizing harbor payments and boosting your harbor

cSight digital signs are mounted directly on the harbor's moorings and signal available/occupied.
The signs automatically charge harbor fees for guest sailors who can pay online or via MobilePay.
Fully integrated with MarinaBooking, cPay webshop and cWallet guest app.

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The harbor master has a lot more to do than collect harbor dues

The CompuTouch self-service machine works fully automatically, so that the harbor's guests can reserve a berth themselves and pay harbor fees in a very easy way.
The machine accepts cash, Danish and international cards as well as MobilePay.
The terminal automatically issues a receipt and, where appropriate, an access card/PIN code for service facilities, doors and boom barrier systems.


Computouch self-service machine handles all payments for you:


  • Harbor payment
  • Payment for parking
  • Payment for motorhome space
  • Payment for use of the harbor's facilities
  • Payment for electricity and water consumption


No more obsolete billing for power consumption. No more issues with the guest paying too little or too much into the power card.


  • The self-service machine offers credit card authorization for use in settling power consumption: The guest no longer needs to predefine their power consumption. When the power consumption is terminated, the payment for the entire consumption is automatically deducted from the customer's credit card (requires integration with the harbor's power pedestals)

The harbor master has a lot more to do than collect harbor dues
Remote control of electricity and water connection

Remote control of electricity and water connection

Remote control of electricity and water connection
cWallet guest app offers remote control of electricity and water connection:

  • Connection of electricity and water
  • Switch electricity on and off
  • Remote reading of consumption

Throw away all notepads and delete your countless spreadsheets.

The CompuMarina harbor system gives you all the tools so you can be organized and maintain an overview


The CompuMarina system, which is the harbor's back end management system, gives you many opportunities to boost your harbor.


Collect money faster (and easier)


When you invoice your permanent tenants through the CompuMarina harbor system, you get faster payments and reduce the amount of reminders. This significantly facilitates the harbor master's administration and allows for better allocation of resources.

CompuMarina harbor system offers you in key words:

  • Simple presentation of customer master data, divided according to customer segments/customer categories
  • Automated communication to permanent tenants via email and SMS, e.g. contracts, confirmations,
  • information etc.
  • Easy payment solutions: MobilePay, online payment, cPay webshop
  • Automated dispatch of invoices and reminders
  • Simple presentation of berths, categorized by type/size
  • Graphic harbor overview of available/occupied moorings
  • Waiting list
  • Winter storage spaces/mast storageOther area rentals
  • Price categories and advanced price management
  • Rental system for handling fixed berths/day visitors
  • Integrated remote reading of power and water consumption
  • Automatic final settlement
  • Automated debtor administration
  • Full integration for own online booking/integration for Marina booking
  • Full integration for self-service, online payment, guest apps and more

Discover new possibilities with the CompuMarina harbor system


CompuMarina takes your administration and guest service to a new level and opens up new opportunities for optimal capacity utilization of the harbor's berths.


When you automate your harbor facility, you achieve easier administration of guest berths, moorings and service facilities - and thus new opportunities for increased revenue for the harbor.


When you invest in new technology for your harbor, you invest in the future and at the same time meet the new, digitized generation of sailors through self-service and independence from the harbor office's opening hours, and through dynamic online services.


With CompuMarina harbor system you get:


  • an automated administration system for the harbor master
  • full integration with comprehensive product range for marinas
  • full integration with the latest apps packages with guest apps, wallet
  • full integration with dynamic online services/payment options for both permanent tenants and visiting guests


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