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Below you can also read about our privacy policy and what types of personal information we collect.

CompuSoft Personal Data Policy


We treat all personal information in accordance with the requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


If you want insight into the management of your personal data, you can contact us at [email protected].

If you suspect a data breach, you can contact us immediately at [email protected].



You can see and download our personal data policy below


CompuSoft Personal Data Policy


Read and download our ISAE3000 certificate


Automatically collected information from customers’ interactions with CompuSoft


What are cookies?


Cookies are text files which can be placed on your computer’s hard drive, your smartphone, or on another one of your devices. The text files can be used for automatic data collection. Cookies can be used by CompuSoft as well as by third parties.


CompuSoft use two types of cookies: Temporary cookies and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies operate during your current visit to our website. They are automatically deleted when you close your browser.


Permanent cookies are stored on your device. Some permanent cookies delete themselves after some time but can be renewed if you return to our website. 


What is the purpose of cookies?


CompuSoft uses cookies on our website to make our website function optimally and to show you the most relevant content.


Our website uses cookies and similar technologies 


By continuing to use your PC or mobile device to access our website, you accept that we automatically collect the following information:

  • Your unique device identificator
  • Your device’s IP-address
  • Information about your operating system
  • Device operator and your location information (to the extent permitted by applicable danish law). 

We use cookies for the following purposes


  • so that you can navigate efficiently between pages (necessary cookies)
  • to remember your preferred settings and to improve your general user experience (functional cookies)
  • traffic measurements and statistics to improve website flow, what pages have the most/least traffic (statistical cookies)
  • to ensure the adds you see are relevant to you and your interests (marketing cookies)


We do not share information with third parties.



How to revoke your consent to the use of cookies


Before revoking your consent, we inform you that if you do, several functions and services on our site will not be available to you, since some functions require the site to remember choices you make during your visit to our website.


If you do not want CompuSoft to place or read cookies on your device, you can revoke or change your consent at any time by contacting us at [email protected].

We receive this information from third party cookies


Some of the cookies we use are placed by third parties such as Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, IOS, Android, etc. These companies can use programs to collect information about your interactions with our pages such as what pages you visit, what links you click on, and the duration of your visit to our site. We refer to these companies’ websites if you want to know more about how they collect and use information about you.


If you do not want cookies


If you want to remove existing cookies from your device, you can do so via your browser settings.

If you want to block future cookies from being placed on your device, you can do so via your browser settings.



How to remove cookies from third parties


If you use devices with a newer internet browser, you can delete your cookies by using the shortcut CRTL + SHIFT + Delete. If this does not work, you can learn more on your browser’s website:


Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome



iPhone, iPad, etc. from Apple


We collect information that you provide us


We collect the information you provide us when you e.g., ask for information about CompuSoft’s products and services, or when you reach out to our customer service/online HelpDesk with a request to receive support/assistance with your CompuSoft products.


When you collect information about CompuSoft you might visit us either virtually or physically. Maybe you surf our websites, maybe you call us or write to our sales managers or consultants, maybe you visit us at our office, maybe you participate in events and/or competitions sponsored by CompuSoft. We may subsequently contact you, who have completed a questionnaire or customer survey, to elaborate on your answers, or if we are in doubt about the meaning of your answers. We do this with the legitimate purpose of improving our collaboration and creating value for our customers.


It could be information about e.g.:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • You e-mail address
  • Your company role
  • What CompuSoft products your use
  • What CompuSoft products you are interested in
  • How you experience CompuSoft’s service, products, prices, and more
  • Information about your business that may influence CompuSoft’s product development


Why: We collect information to use in our product development and/or for the purpose of becoming better at meeting our customers’ needs, and to deliver relevant product information. We collect information to provide better support and to optimize our service, support, and products for your business. Information is gathered with the legitimate purpose of improving our customer service.



We automatically collect this information during your interactions with CompuSoft


We automatically collect functional data that is necessary for you CompuSoft product and/or your CompuSoft services to perform basic functions in a secure way.


We automatically collect further user data which might be necessary in some instances to deliver good functionality. E.g., to improve your experience with CompuSoft products or to offer better, more personalized CompuSoft products and services.


We automatically collect information gathered using cookies and similar technologies when you use, access, or interact with us through our websites or our app.


We may collect information about what kind of device you use to access our websites, your operating system and what version you are using, your IP address, your general geographic location according to your IP address and according to Danish law, your browser type, what pages you visit on our websites, and how you interact with our websites.

We collect information from other sources


We may collect information about you from other sources, including third parties with whom we offer collaborative integrations. We may also receive information about you when you interact with us through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We protect the gathered data, collected from third parties, and received through social media, as described in CompuSoft’s Privacy Policy.


We do not collect information about children


CompuSoft is not directed at children and do not intend to attract the attention of children under the age of 16. Everyone can navigate our websites or use our apps, but we do not intentionally gather information about people below the age of 16. If you as a parent or guardian have learned that a child under the age of 16 has been wrongly registered on our website using false information, we will immediately delete the child’s account and delete all the child’s information.

We collect information when you buy CompuSoft products and services


When you buy a CompuSoft product or service it often happens through our websites, through our online HelpDesk, through phone conversation, or at a physical meeting either at our office, your company, or at a fair.

We collect:

  • You name
  • Your company role
  • Your phone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your address
  • Your payment details
  • Neccessary information about your company used for setting up products

Note, we do not save payment or credit card details. We only use payment details in connection with your purchase of CompuSoft products and services.



For us to complete transactions, make order confirmations, deliver products and services to you, follow up on your purchase, draw up contracts for you, help with any delivery issues, manage returns and other problems in connection with your purchase, we collect the following information:


We collect information when registering your CompuSoft solutions


As part of the registration of your CompuSoft products and services we request some personal information.


We collect:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your country and zip-code
  • Language preferences
  • Product versions and product serial numbers
  • Your passwords for CompuSoft products and services
  • Your IP-address
  • Necessary information about you company used for setting up products. 

Note, all passwords are secured through a one-way hash which means they cannot be recreated or passed on by anyone, including CompuSoft.



To ensure your CompuSoft products and services function securely and without unauthorized access to your products, services, or your network, and to make sure we offer you the right features, language versions, and country specific demands according to e.g., SKAT or other legislation. We also use the information to make software updates, give you information about products and features, send relevant service announcements, campaign announcements, and CompuSoft news and product offers.


We collect information when you use CompuSoft products and services


When you use a CompuSoft product or service, we collect information to be able to implement the agreement we have with you and to offer you control over your business.
The use of a CompuSoft product often means that you register everything that you offer your guests in terms of sales, everything that guests can buy in your business, your guests' reservations, your sales, your revenue, your revenue distribution, and your customers in the CompuSoft system. All this personal data is necessary for us to implement the contract we have entered with you and to be able to continuously improve your CompuSoft products and services, which is our legitimate interest.


We collect:

  • Contact information (name, e-mail address, or other contact information)
  • CompuSoft account information: Your CompuSoft account and related account information such as profile information, order history, products, sales units, CompuSoft licenses, subscriptions for CompuSoft products and services
  • Use of functionality of products and services: Some CompuSoft products, software, apps, and services may automatically collect, store, and process necessary information to operate and perform their basic functions in a secure manner. This information may include product and third-party device identifiers, technical configuration data, and other non-personal information. Some of this information may be transferred to CompuSoft servers. When you use your CompuSoft products, basic application installation information will also be collected automatically
  • Functional data: This data is necessary for your CompuSoft products and services to perform their basic functions correctly and securely, and you will not be able to opt out of this data collection, sharing and/or processing of this personal data if you wish to continue using your CompuSoft products and services. Depending on your settings, we may collect:

    Registration data such as your e-mail address, your location, your language preferences, your CompuSoft products serial numbers, version numbers, IP-address, and log-in data for your CompuSoft products and your CompuSoft account.

    System data such as product type, controller unit type, controller operating system, information about software version, content sources, information about WIFI-antennas, system settings, integrations with third-party software, apps and portals and the like, information about the rental units, tickets, and other, which you sell through CompuSoft’s products, including naming, type, prices, revenue, occupancy rate, access control setups and statistics, license plates for cars accepted by the access control system, power consumption measurement.



So that we can help ensure that your CompuSoft products function correctly, so that we can deliver a personalized experience for our customers and for their guests as well as to remedy and identify any problems.  


Any other information you provide us


Details such as the content of your communication with CompuSoft, including interactions with customer support, our sales managers, and consultants. In addition, contacts through social media channels.

You are not obligated to provide all the personal information we have requested. However, if you choose not to, in many instances we will be unable to provide you with our products and services or answer any request you might have.


Product improvements


We use information to improve our products and services, to develop and add new functions and properties. We use error reports to improve security functions. We use user data to decide which new functions should be our priority. We use your personal data to offer functionality, analyze performance, correct errors, and improve the efficiency of our products and services.
It is necessary to use your personal data for this purpose in our legitimate interest.


Business activities

We use data to develop aggregate analyses and business intelligence which make us able to operate, protect, make well-founded decisions, and prepare reports on our company’s performance. It is necessary to use your personal data for this purpose in our legitimate interests.


Protection, security, and conflict resolution


We use data to protect our customers’ safety and security, CompuSoft’s products and services, to detect and prevent fraud, for conflict resolution, and to enforce our agreements. We may use third parties to assess and manage security and credit risks. It is necessary to use your personal data for this purpose in our legitimate interests.


Communication, marketing, and ads


We use the collected information to deliver and personalize communications with you. E.g., we may contact you through e-mail or through other forms of e-communication to inform you about new CompuSoft products or services, about security or software updates, about updates to a support issues, or to invite you to participate in surveys or seminars.


We do not share our customers personal data with third parties

CompuSoft does not sell and does not intent to sell any form of personal information about our customers. CompuSoft does not share and will not share any form of personal information about our customers. The information we receive or collect, as mentioned above, is an important part of our business, and the information is necessary to be able to deliver the products we have agreed on in our contract with you.