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How to improve profitability with dynamic pricing

More and more campsites are improving profitability with dynamic pricing

Does your booking system automatically calculate 'the best price' based on supply and demand? See how you enhance your rental unit revenue with CompuSoft Dynamic Pricing.

Use data from your own booking system to optimise your prices

Use data from your own booking system to optimise your prices

The tourism sector is increasingly characterized by online sales. This places high demands on your booking system, which needs to calculate 'the right price' for the customer at the right time.


But how do you determine 'the exact right price'?


CompuSoft Dynamic Pricing is an add-on service for your booking system which analyses your own booking data and adjusts the prices based on this, so that you can obtain more bookings and gain control over the occupancy of your campsite.

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How much can I increase my revenue with Dynamic Pricing?


Our experiences show that almost every camping site that focus on structuring their prices and strategy, enhances their profit exponentially. Even the smallest price adjustments on 5-10% can have a big impact on the revenue.


If you use our support to setup prices in your system, you will on relatively short time earn the money back.

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Will Dynamic Pricing be active on all my rental units?


It is completely up to you to determine which of your units should be affected of the automagical price adjustment.


Some camping sites chooses to only active Dynamic Pricing on their cottages, while others choose to activate it on all their rental units.


Furthermore, you can easily define I which period the automatic price adjustment should be active.

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How does the automatic price adjustment synchronize with my other platforms?


With CompuSoft's Channel Manager integration module, you can bring your offers to the other online platforms and make your products and offers, visible to even more potential customers in your target group, without having to spend extra time managing your services on the individual platforms.


CompuSoft Channel Manager automatically synchronizes all your online portals directly from your CompuSoft Inhouse Booking system.

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Automatic price adjustment according to supply and demand


If you focus on structuring your pricing strategy, you have to possibility to significantly improve your profits. Even relatively small price adjustments can have a favorable impact on your revenue.


With Dynamic Pricing you can activate automatic price adjustment on your rental units, camping spaces and much more.

  • With the help of the flexible price strategy, that is based on an understanding of your guests purchase behaviors, you can maximize the overall revenue or profit, on every sale.
  • Use Dynamic Pricing to automatically increase the price in the periods with high demand, and to lower the prices if the demand drops. This will create a greater financial result for your business.
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Dynamic Pricing - An intelligent price calculator that works on top on your existing price engine


You probably already use the comprehensive price engine in your CompuSoft booking system, to define differentiated prices based on multiple factors.

Most camping sites define the prices based on factors such as; seasons, type of rental units, number of people included in the booking, length of stay, which day do the customer book, etc.

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Dynamic Pricing calculates the price based on the occupancy percentage and your guest’s demand.


Dynamic Pricing works intelligently within the price ranges you have defined.


Dynamic Pricing is an extended price adjustment module, that is working on top of the existing pricing mechanics and applies your business’s current occupancy and calculates after supply and demand.

Utilize data from your own booking system to optimize your prices

CompuSoft Dynamic Pricing is an add-on available for purchase to your already existing CompuSoft booking system, which analyzes your own data and utilizes this to attract more bookings and give you control of the occupancy on your camping site.

Utilize data from your own booking system to optimize your prices
Dynamic Pricing offer two primary methods for calculating prices

Dynamic Pricing offer two primary methods for calculating prices

CompuSoft Dynamic Pricing works primarily with two different types of structures both have the purpose of increasing your revenue.

  • Almost sold out
    When your camping site is nearly sold out, e.g., 85%, the price will rise automatically on the remaining spaces with e.g., 10%.
  • Not sold out
    When the arrival date for a booking period is approaching, let’s say within 8 days, and there are still bookings available, the remaining spaces will get a “last-minute” price reduction on 10%, to attract more bookings.