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Attractions and Theme Parks

CompuTicket ticket sales platform for museums, places of experience, attractions and theme parks offers new opportunities for optimizing ticket sales and guest flow. You get a complete, tailored, all-in-one ticket system with simple, fast and easy ticket sales, which you can expand with online ticket sales, guest apps, timeslots registration, capacity management, POS checkout terminals for shops, and café/kiosk, souvenir webshop and self-service checkouts for guests.

One ticket for everything. Easy and convenient for the guest.

CompuTicket: A ticket sales platform providing new possibilities for attractions and theme parks

One ticket for everything. Easy and convenient for the guest.

An effecient and dynamic ticket sales system improves the guests experience

Avoid queuing with timeslots and capacity management

Timeslots and capacity management can be used to automatically control the flow of guests to your attraction and can control the number of visitors.

When you require guests to plan their visit, you ensure that the number of guests is evenly distributed throughout the day. Queuing and waiting times are avoided, and the guest’s experience becomes even better.
When the guest buys tickets online via your website, the guest can easily book the day, time or duration of the visit.


The guests immediately receive their e-ticket by e-mail and text message. When the guest arrives, the ticket is validated/read directly from the guest's smartphone, and the guest is granted access for the selected time period.

Avoid queuing with timeslots and capacity management

Hurry up, it will be sold out soon!

When you make it easy for guests to buy tickets online, the orders flow in.


And now that the guest is in the process of buying tickets in your webshop, could you also consider offering something else besides buying entrance tickets?


With the CompuTicket ticket system, you can sell tickets for everything and combine it with booking everything. In that way, all the services you offer in your business can be purchased online by the guest.


Boost your sales and offer online registration for guided tours, experiences and events, booking of overnight stays, pre-ordering of food and drinks. Everything is easily accessible to your guests via online booking, guest apps and self-service vending machines.


Sell experience packages and create an online universe where you offer the guest easy access to everything and keep the guest well informed about your offers.

Hurry up, it will be sold out soon!
One system for everything

One system for everything

Online ticket sales, e-ticketing and all the other self-service modules
CompuTicket can be combined with all our other modules for attractions and theme parks. With us, you get access to a comprehensive product portfolio that creates coherence and value for your business.


We guarantee you future-proof solutions that can be expanded and scaled as necessary, and that embrace every conceivable aspect of your company.


For example, expand your solution with:

  • Guest app with online payment
  • POS checkout solution for shop, ticket sales, cafeteria and kiosk
  • Souvenir webshop
  • Ticket machines
  • Self-service checkouts for shop and cafeteria
  • Self-service access control and consumption payment
  • Restaurant module, takeaway, order management etc.
  • Booking system for premises, accommodation and sports
  • Administration, accounting and bookkeeping
  • Automated guest communication before, during and after visits
  • Partnerbookingm allotment
  • Marketing module, BI, Dynamic Pricing

Automatic booking of guides and guest speakers

CompuTicket offers a wide range of add-on modules that can be implemented as needed.


The system can stand alone and be used as a traditional ticket system for your attraction and amusement park.


The system can also handle extensive tourist installations, where events, activities, conferences, guest speakers, accommodation, dining, sports and wellness need to be managed.


Allow guests, school classes and groups to book package deals in your webshop, and the back-end system will automatically book the necessary paraphernalia, guides, speakers and accommodation. Everything is easily accessible in a user-friendly and clear online booking universe.


CompuTicket can integrate with your staff's electronic calendars and send messages and to-do lists to the staff's task manager. The guest can immediately start looking forward to their visit and your staff can plan their working day.


Contact us and hear more about your options.

Automatic booking of guides and guest speakers
Dashboards keep you updated

Dashboards keep you updated

With the integrated web dashboard, your staff is always kept informed about capacity and the number of visitors.


Dashboards are an interactive and graphical tool that present easy-to-understand key figures based on live data from your business.


Dashboards offer a wealth of informative features and can be configured as necessary. For example, can you read off:


  • Number of arrivals today
  • Number of visitors to the location
  • Number of tickets sold - compared to other periods
  • Cash flow per payment box


Read more about dashboards here .

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