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Hosting Center with Extra High Security

Our cloud hosting solutions are based on our own servers, which we mirror with all data in Denmark at several different locations. We handle your data with the utmost care and always have a plan A, B, C, D and E as a contingency. Read more below.

Automatic online backup safeguards your important data

Automatic online backup safeguards your important data

Have you considered how your data is safeguarded if you lose your computer?

With CompuSoft's automatic online backup solutions, you secure your data, without having to worry about it.


You no longer have to worry about backing up your data

CompuSofts offers online and automatic backup. You get a professional backup solution specifically tailored to secure operational data from your booking system. It is e.g. data regarding customers, reservations, arrivals and settlements, customer accounts and finances.


The backup solution is installed on your computer and runs automatically in the background. This means that you or your staff will not be disturbed by the backup when you work on the PC.


The backup program first takes a total backup of all data. Subsequently, the backup program monitors your data and records all changes stored on your computer.


Extra security for your data with the CompuSoft Hosting Center

Our hosting center offers the highest stability andd our certified secutity team ensures that your company's operations and data are secured in the best possible way.

We do not claim that your company will never experience downtime. But when the accident occurs, our data center ensures that there is the least possible data loss (if any data loss at all) and that operations are resumed as soon as possible.


  • We offer secure operation with redundant data centers, multigenerational back-up, state-of-the-art equipment and technology as well as 24/7 on-call staff
  • We offer professional prevention of cyber attacks
  • We only use our own servers in our own hosting center
  • If something happens to your computer and you urgently need your data, we can give you access to all data within a very short time
  • With our automated multi-generation backup solutions you only pay for the dta volume that you need

Extra security for your data with the CompuSoft Hosting Center
Stay green with CompuSoft

Stay green with CompuSoft


The CompuSoft booking platform and hosting center is primarily powered by solar energy. We support a positive climate impact by reducing the CO2 footprint - and so do you as a user of our hosting center.


ComuSoft has established a 48 KW hybrid solar system on the roof of our operations center on Fyn. A larger battery bank has also been connected. The solar system is designed to deliver far more power than our entire company consumes, including our hosting center, office operations, and production. The solar system exists of 150 solar panels.


As a solution provider for the hospitality and leisure industry, including many of the largest leisure, sports, and culture facilities in Scandinavia and Germany, we have a responsibility to support sustainability. Since our operations center on Fyn is perfectly situated for utilizing the sun’s rays it makes sense to focus on solar energy.


Our “Clean Booking Certificate” is available as a download. If you use a CompuSoft hosting solution you are welcome to download and use it in your marketing


Download certificate


Two double emergency power systems protect against critical power outages

CompuSoft hosting center double-double secures your IT operations against potential power failure, should this become relevant.


Both our data center in Søndersø and our backup data center in Odense are supported by two independent, two-part emergency power systems. Both emergency power systems are 100 % redundant and are each equipped with two diesel generators. This means that if one diesel generator fails, the other diesel generator takes over.


The two identical power emergency systems have previously been used by the Danish Armed Forces to supply a military camp in Afghanistan.


At our data center in Søndersø we also have an emergency power system based on natural gas for our server operations.


The emergency power systems are part of CompuSoft’s overall power supply plan where we focus on 100 % green energy. This happens via our well-established solar cell system, which will soon be joined by a wind turbine.


Should it happen that both solar and wind power fail at the same time as the public electricity grid breaks down, we thus have both a gas-based emergency power system and now also a double-double diesel-powered emergency power system to support IT operations.

Two double emergency power systems protect against critical power outages
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  • Cloud hosting at own hosting center and all data in Denmark
  • Automatic multi-generation back-up
  • 24-hour monitoring of data and operations
  • Professional cyber attack prevention
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  • Redundant data centers with mirroring at several different locations
  • Latest server hardware/software
  • No worries about maintenance
  • 2 x double diesel-based emergency power generators for data center and backup data center respectively
  • 1 x natural gas-based emergency power generator for data center
  • Daily operation via green energy from our own solar cell system
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  • Quick support from our support team, as all data is easily accessible
  • Easy access to all systems no matter your location
  • Your on-call staff can handle important administration from home

Hosted solutions and extra security at reasonable prices

CompuSoft Hosting Center offers hosted solutions with highest level of security. With CompuSoft hosted solutions, you can operate your systems from any media and from any location.

Our certified hosting staff tailors your solution to meet your business needs. Choose a hosted solution and stop worry about technical operation, maintenance and backup of your systems.

Hosted solutions and extra security at reasonable prices