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Northern Europe’s Biggest Safari Park Breaks Records During Pandemic

Knuthenborg Safaripark

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A few kilometers from Maribo on Lolland you are met by something extraordinary, besides the historical market town and the Danish agricultural island nature. With 400 acres, located right off Sakskøbing Fjord, lies Knuthenborg Safaripark – the biggest of its kind in northern Europe.  Every year hundreds of thousands of local as well as international guests are attracted to experience the exotic animals and stories about nature and Earth.


As a guest at Knuthenborg Safaripark you have the chance to experience the park’s magnificent animals up close, which roam freely in spacious and safe surroundings. Guests are also offered accommodation in luxurious rental cabins and authentic tents inspired by the African safari culture!


Unfortunately, during the Covid-19-pandemic, many tourist attractions have experienced a decline in sales due to travel restrictions and lockdowns. But on the contrary, Knuthenborg Safaripark has managed to create growth despite the difficult circumstances. Thus, the safari park beat all records with 410,000 visitors in 2020 and, according to VisitDenmark, was able to take the spot as the 7th most popular tourist attraction in Denmark.


CompuSoft is proud to collaborate with Knuthensborg Safaripark’s committed and ambitious team when it comes to creating unforgettable experience and memories for the park’s guests. Since 2008, CompuSoft has delivered in-house and e-commerce technology for ticketing, booking, POS, and digitalization.


And Knuthenborg Safaripark continues with exciting business development, which means innovative investments in the park’s facilities. Knuthenborg Safaripark now offers guests catering packages and upgrade options via CompuSoft’s One-Stop-Shopping concepts, cPay.


With CompuSoft Taskmanager the staff’s workday is streamlined with automatic to-do lists in connection with cleaning, service, trash, kitchen, and shops. Besides optimization of the business’ internal work processes, Knuthenborg Safaripark also works on ensuring guests a hospitable and comfortable arrival with an adapted and automated communications strategy using CompuSoft Message Module.


As something brand new in 2022, Knuthenborg Safaripark offers accommodation in tree cabins with a panoramic view of the magnificent Siberian tigers. Just like the park’s other accommodation options, the cabins in the new Tiger Camp can be booked online via CompuSoft Onlinebooking, which is beautifully integrated into Knuthenborg Safaripark’s website. The calendar quickly gives the guest an overview of availability and prices and makes sure to convert website visitors into satisfied and returning customers.


Visit Knuthenborg Safaripark’s website and experience for yourself.  

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