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Orø Strandcamping optimizes the guest experience with CompuSoft Onlinebooking

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Experience a different camping adventure at Orø Strandcamping, where every moment counts. This gem is located by the coast of Isefjorden, offering a paradise for relaxation and fun. With outstanding fjord views, wood-fired sauna barrels, and options to rent kayaks or canoes, this is the place where hustle turns into tranquility.

Sofie and Mikael, the owners behind Orø Strandcamping, created the campsite as a response to a changing world. After exploring Denmark during the challenging period of covid-19, the idea of creating their own campsite on Orø emerged.


Sofie and Mikael share this statement on their website:

Why travel far every year when Denmark has so much to offer?


Orø strandcamping - Sofie & Mikael


With the help of CompuSoft's online booking solution, Orø Strandcamping has transformed its booking experience, significantly impacting the campsite's daily operations and guest satisfaction. Previously, phone calls and emails were a time-consuming part of their work hours. Now, CompuSoft has made booking easy, clear, and given them full control over all reservations and necessary information.


Free up time and create value with Onlinebooking V3


Sofie and Mikael confirm that the introduction of Onlinebooking V3 has significantly freed up time in their daily lives while increasing revenue:


"Our guests find it easy to book through online booking, and it makes more people book than if they had to call or send an email. Additionally, we experience fewer cancellations after booking online. In online booking, we can also add extras such as drinks, firewood, bed linen, etc., which would otherwise not be possible. It has also improved the value offer for our guests as they have more options before their stay, such as good deals and choosing their own spot."


"Our occupancy rate has been significantly improved because guests can easily book instantly. 95% of our bookings come through online booking, and it has freed up 4-5 hours daily, giving us more time for business development and value offers."


CompuSoft's Onlinebooking V3: Smooth, Flexible, Efficient


With dynamic search results, guests are always presented with the most relevant accommodation options. This makes it easy for guests to find the ideal lodging in their desired period and explore options in nearby periods. The addition of alternative accommodation options increases overall flexibility, a significant advantage.


Onlinebooking V3 is a unique tool that provides guests with all the necessary information at their fingertips. At the same time, the system automates administration and communication regarding inquiries and bookings, streamlining the process and saving the campsite valuable staff resources.


Guaranteed satisfaction and benefits of onlinebooking


Sofie and Mikael elaborate on several benefits they have experienced with CompuSoft Onlinebooking, such as guests accepting terms and conditions before booking:


"It makes it much easier. We get fewer complaints when the guest knows the conditions in advance. It's easier for both us and the guest. We also have more freedom to be flexible when online booking runs as it does."


Orø Strandcamping experiences an increase in guest satisfaction and financial earnings. When guests pay upon booking, it opens up the possibility for a more generous experience on-site.


"The most significant changes for us are 2 things. 1. We generally have higher satisfaction after implementing online booking. 2. Because the guest pays when they book, the expense is gone when they arrive. They, therefore, spend much more money on the site than otherwise. And I think 1 and 2 are connected."


Dive into the future with CompuSoft's Onlinebooking V3


Orø Strandcamping has successfully implemented CompuSoft's innovative online booking, and Sofie and Mikael enjoy the benefits of a more efficient and accessible booking process. It's not just a change; it's an enhancement of the guest experience and the campsite's daily operations.




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