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Higher service and increased efficiency

Self-service terminals create security for your guests and new opportunities for your business


”Welcome, let yourself in and use the facilities”

A hospitable welcome for the guests who arrive after the reception’s opening hours or for the guests who want to do it all themselves.


Our self-service terminals serve many versatile purposes and always accommodate guests regardless of the time. It creates security that you can search for information, check in, and buy access to everything at any time.


Guests demand increased flexibility. Vacation time equals relaxation and independence, in stark contrast to the busy everyday life. Why not set guests free and make them independent of the reception's opening hours?


When guests can arrive late at night and are not restricted to arriving at certain times, you sell extra nights.


Businesses focus on revenue and resource allocation. Self-service terminals provide new opportunities for service and upselling. It is therefore important that the front staff serve the guests with everything that cannot be automated. You get better personal service for those guests who want it and self-service independent guests who buy more nights.

Self-service terminals create security for your guests and new opportunities for your business
Make your business accessible to visitors

Make your business accessible to visitors


We provide self-service solutions for many purposes. Campsites, holiday resorts, motorhome pitches, marinas, attractions, and sports facilities. All solutions have one purpose: To make it easy for guests to shop at your business.


It is an extraordinary service for guests to be able to skip the queue and easily and conveniently serve themselves. We are specialists in solutions for unmanned receptions, and help you structure and tailor a solution for your business.


Our self-service solutions are often provided in combination with our access control system for access barriers, service facilities, and online payment. Thus, guests can easily buy access to everything. The solution exchanges information with the underlying systems. Digital passwords and tickers are issues, and we make sure everything works together optimally.


Our UX-consultants and graphic designers ensure the solution is intuitive and easy for users to access.