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cPay online payment site

With cPay online payment site, your guests can buy and pay for everything. cPay can be compared to an intelligent webshop, where the guest can plan activities and purchase services prior to their stay.  But cPay is much more than that: cPay provides the guest with full self-service for booking, attractions, activities, service and much more

cPay welcomes your guests even if the reception is closed or unmanned

cPay provides easy and convenient self-service. The guest gets access to everything - and can buy and pay for everything immediately. Thus, you can always receive guests, even outside of opening hours or if the reception is unmanned.


It is an extraordinary service for the guest to have the opportunity for self-service. Just imagine being able to arrive at the holiday destination and check in completely independent of opening hours. With cPay, the guest can even plan their stay in detail in advance, sign up for events and activities while the family is still sitting in their car on their way to their holiday. It gives the holiday an extra dimension that the breakfast is ordered, a table has been booked in the restaurant and access to a playground, wellness and fitness has been purchased.

cPay welcomes your guests even if the reception is closed or unmanned
An Online Ordering System for Restaurants, Takeaways and Kiosks

An Online Ordering System for Restaurants, Takeaways and Kiosks

cPay adapts to your business and embraces all of your departments. In the restaurant and bar, guests can easily order food and drinks online directly at the table. And with cPay as your own online ordering system, you get all the benefits. 


The system also offers capacity management and order intake planning so you can easily optimize your sales. You define how much and when your guests can place orders, so that the kitchen staff can keep up. You can post large pictures of your special offers and you can add descriptions. cPay is easy and clear to use, and it is easy for the customer to e.g. add extra choices or share the order page with friends so they can order together.


cPay online ordering system offers several options that can be adapted to your needs. For example, by choosing an order status screen you allow your guest to follow their order status in the restaurant so they know when their order is ready. 


In the kitchen, the staff get a quick overview of orders and waiting times. The staff simply have to click on the order on the screen when the preparation begins and click again when the order is ready.

Let's go online - that's where the customers are!

With cPay, you boost sales and at the same time provide the guest with exceptional service


Now, before and during their stay, the guest can easily and conveniently purchase your goods and services from their mobile phone via your company's very own online payment site, which you can easily manage yourself via your CompuSoft booking system.


cPay revolutionizes your business and opens up new opportunities for additional sales to your guests. cPay online payment site makes your goods and services easily accessible on all media and inspires the guest to purchase additional services. The guest can calmly and comfortably plan their stay in detail and purchase and book extra services in advance.


cPay is a digital reception where the guest has access to everything


cPay provides exceptional service and 24/7 self-service. In integration with CompuSoft booking system, access control system and cash register solution, there are no limits to which items you can sell online. The guest can use cPay to book and pay for stays, open boom barrier systems, buy access to service facilities and easily purchase electricity and water supplies, activities, sports and wellness, breakfast, restaurant, etc.


But the best part is that it is simple and easy to shop via cPay. We have 100% focus on the guest and we tailor your cPay's product list so that only goods and services that are relevant to the current stay are presented on cPay.


cPay supports all forms of cashless payment.

Let's go online - that's where the customers are!
cPay is so much more than a payment site

cPay is so much more than a payment site

In combination with CompuSoft's cWallet guest app and the booking and access control system, visitors can pay via cPay for the use of all conceivable unmanned services such as laundry, entrance tickets to attractions, events and activities etc. Overnight guests at e.g. campsites and marinas can remotely manage their electricity consumption, turn on and off the lights, heating and ventilation as well as read their power consumption.

Restaurant guests can order and pay for food and beverages, for drinks, ice cream, etc. It’s also possible to make the menu card available on the cPay payment site and offer self-service. 

cPay is configured individually according to your wishes.

Read more about the cWallet guest app


Quick check-in for motorhomes outside opening hours

Motorhomes can easily book and pay for stays in the motorhome area and easily purchase additional connection services such as electricity and water, WiFi and access to service facilities. 


cPay makes it easy for you and your guests. With cPay, the guest does not have to go to the reception or restaurant to order breakfast or takeaway. When guests place their order in cPay, the backend system ensures that the orders land at the right department in your company, and payment is made immediately. Guests are automatically sent a confirmation and pick-up number for collection, and packing lists and vouchers are automatically generated for packing.


cPay can also be used as a cashless means of payment in kiosks and cafés, making it easier for guests to pay for additional purchases of ice cream, food and beverages

Purchase of entrance tickets, user payment and additional purchases

In sports centers, swimming pools, wellness centers, playgrounds and amusement parks, cPay can be used to purchase an entrance ticket and as a cashless means of payment for user payment and additional purchases during the stay. It could be e.g. the purchase of food and drinks in the cafeteria, top-up with massage and beauty treatment, top-up with access to events and attractions.

cPay is used with great success by tourist companies that offer service facilities with user fees. The guest attaches his payment card to his digital wallet and afterwards the guest can simply scan a QR code at the facility and then payment is made.

Combine with guest app and give access to everything via digital key

In combination with our access control system, the guest can use the guest app to remotely operate boom barrier facilities and relevant doors to hotel rooms, holiday cabins, holiday homes, sanitation buildings and family bathrooms, as well as pay for the use of facilities.

This means that once the guest has booked and paid for the stay, the guest can subsequently check in and open the boom barrier barriers and gain access to relevant services, without your presence being necessary. The cWallet guest app can also be used to offer the guest the option to remotely control electricity, heating and air conditioning in the rental unit.

We continue to provide examples of how to easily boost your business with cPay

Offers and news feeds

Keep your guests updated on great deals and activities in your business and make sure no one misses your initiatives. Publish news feeds via the cWallet app and inform visitors about activities, offers, sports and events and make it easy for the guest to buy and order in all departments of your company.

  • Inform the guests about e.g.:
  • Happy Hour at the bar
  • Great deals in the cafe outside rush hour
  • Activities, events and experiences.


News feeds from the local area

cWallet can integrate with local actors that publish feeds. This ensures that your guests are up to date about offers and activities in the area.


Intelligent presentation of services via GPS location 

When your company offers many services or events, it will be appropriate to present the guest with the most relevant services at the top of the list. Via interaction with GPS location, cWallet can see which services and facilities your guest is in the vicinity of, and thus suggest these at the top of the list. This feature has many benefits:

  • When the guest has multiple reservations, cWallet sorts these based on arrival date and relevance to the guest's physical location.
  • cWallet gives the guest easy access to the facilities in their immediate vicinity and to which they have purchased access.

We continue to provide examples of how to easily boost your business with cPay