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Seijsener consumer pedestals and leisure technology

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New opportunities with Seijsener service pedestals and leisure technology


Seijsener manufactures high-quality supply pedestals and leisure technology for campsites, motorhome sites and marinas. We sell Seijsener products in Scandinavia.


The service pedestals are individually configured with lights, water outlets and up to 6 power outlets with 10A - 32A. The pedestals are fully integrated with CompuSoft's booking system, access control, consumption measurement and consumption payment. We provide tailor-made self-service solutions, where the service pedestals are automatically activated when the guest has arrived and has paid. Remote control via mobile devices for reception, harbor master and permanent residents.


Elegant self-service solutions are achieved in integration with cSight, our digital available/occupied signs for moorings and motorhome sites: the cSight sign detects when a boat or a camper arrives. cSight charges automatically, and once the guest has paid, a power outlet is activated





A selection of Seijsener's comprehensive range:


  • Service pedestals with supply of water and electricity.
  • Lighting for bridges, parks and various facilities.
  • Caravan service stations: Drains, grates, fresh water columns, toilet drainage etc.
  • Equipment for sanitation buildings: Showers, fittings, various sanitation for children, hand dryer, hair dryer, dog bath, partitions, etc.
  • Surveillance cameras.
  • Mooring bollards.
  • Rescue equipment: Lifebuoy, fire extinguisher, ladder etc.


Selected cases from Masnedsund harbor, Oslo Motorboat Association and NyHavn2
Seijsener brochure marinas and campsites.
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