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Extensive turnkey solution to the Oslo Motorboat Association in Norway

Oslo Motorbåtforening

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Oslo Motorboat Association is located in Oslo Fjord, which is one of Norway's most popular recreational areas. The Norwegians have a strong and close relationship with sailing, and this can be clearly seen in Oslo Fjord. In the summer there is a large selection of water activities such as kayaking, canoeing, fishing and of course a lot of sailing.


New IT solution for next season
Oslo Motorboat Association is ready for the coming sailing season with a new IT solution for their members: The association has in fact got a new harbor system for the administration of members and moorings, and in this connection the members also get access to an online self-service system. Oslo Motorboat Association has also chosen to pamper the sailors with as many as 121 new electricity pedestals with integrated wireless consumption measurement.


Online self-service system for members
Via the new online self-service system, the members of the motorboat association can in future maintain their master information themselves and thus enter e.g. boat information, insurance information, etc. With the self-service system, members can also apply online for a winter space, read electricity consumption and see invoice history and active contracts. The self-service system also offers online payment, thus making it easier for members to pay for boat space, electricity consumption, etc.

121 electricity pedestals with wireless consumption measurement
In future, sailors will find it much easier with the harbor's new electricity pedestals, which offer wireless consumption measurement. The boat owners can now remotely control the consumption online and thus turn on and off the power to the boat via the internet. The power consumption is registered directly on the boat owner's current account and can be read immediately. No more manual reading of electricity meters, consumption cards that run out of money or electricity consumption that 'runs wild'.

We wish Oslo Motorboat Association congratulations on the new solution and look forward to an exciting collaboration.


Read more about Oslo Motorboat Association on their Facebook page 

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