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CompuMat access control is good service for your guests

Often the need for access control starts with a control solution at the entrance, which solves the need for a controlled access to an area. But if you are one of the tourism businesses that wants do even better for your guests, and wants to achieve better utilization of your investments, it is a good idea to choose an access control system that can grow with your needs, adapt to your wishes, and secure your guests a good experience.


Are you tired of uninvited guests using the service facilities?

In addition to access control at the entrance or at the boom, many campsites and tourism businesses choose to set up access control at service buildings. In this way, you ensure that only paying guests can use the facilities. No more intruders occupying showers and toilets, preventing your guests from gaining access. Your guests experience less queuing, and you get the benefit of better utilization of your facility.

CompuMat access control is good service for your guests
Many guests would rather pay for the shower than stand in line and wait

Many guests would rather pay for the shower than stand in line and wait

When the water is free, there is no constraint on water consumption. The CompuMat access control system supports consumption payment for both electricity and water and can also measure time. You decide whether the guest must pay in advance via their guest account or pay on departure. You can also offer a number of minutes of free water consumption and demand payment for additional consumption. There are many possibilities. And of course, all consumption is clearly detailed in the guest app, so the guest has full control over their consumption.


Guests want to be environmentally conscious and understand that water and electricity must be used sensibly

We support all forms of consumption-based payment. And offering your guests a fair utility bill, where they can clearly see their electricity and water consumption, makes good sense.


Several tourism companies are very successful in introducing measures to regulate energy consumption. The access control system automatically informs the guest of how much electricity and water has been consumed, so that the guest can easily monitor their consumption.