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Vouchers and Gift Cards

Improve your company's liquidity with Vouchers and Gift Cards.

Integrated voucher module

Improve your liquidity with vouchers and gift cards

Why not offer your guests vouchers instead of refunds?

Discover new ways to retain and inspire guests

3 good reasons to sell (even more) gift cards

1. Retention of the customer


When a guest needs to cancel their reservation, it often means that your business loses liquidity, as you have to refund the guest's deposit.


However, instead of refunding the deposit, you may be able to offer your guest a voucher or a gift card, which can be redeemed at a later date. Thus, you retain the guest and at the same time strengthen your liquidity.


Even if your guest chooses to cancel his/her reservation, this does not necessarily mean that the guest does not want to return at another time. By offering the guest a voucher or a gift card, your guest feels confident that the payment willl not be lost, and the guest will have the opportunity to redeem the voucher / gift card the next time they shop with you.


The voucher/gift card is the perfect opportunity to retain the guest and at the same time gives the guests  security for their payment.



2. Opportunity for increased sales via online shop


When you offer online gift card purchases, you make it easier for your guests to purchase gift cards that they can give to family and friends. Many companies also often choose to give gift cards to their employees on special occasions.


Online sales of the gift card provide new opportunities to increase sales and attract more guests.


3. Quick and Easy


Discount/gift cards can be sent digitally to the guest 24/7. Thus, you can easily process your guests' wishes. Your guests do not have to wait for shipping. The gift card immediately lands in the guest's inbox or in the guest's cWallet guest app.


Order via HelpDesk today, and we will quickly prepare your discount/gift card module.


The discount/gift card module can be individually tailored to your needs. The price starts from DKK 5,950.

Delivery time is approx. 2-3 days (however, additional delivery time must be expected depending on the scope of the project).