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Turnkey industry-specific solutions

CompuSoft offers turnkey industry-specific solutions for serveral industries.

Choose a turnkey industry solution that grows with your business


The common denominator for our products is integration.


We dare to say that we offer the market's most comprehensive and flexible booking and ticketing concept.


The product circle opposite illustrates the interaction between our products. Note that we only show the overall product lines here.


Our extensive product range offers many more products than we can present here on our website. And we constantly have new projects in the pipeline. Our wide range of specially developed products, modules, add-ons, functions and solutions means that not only can we customize your solution, we can also tailor it.



All products are managed via the basic back-end system, to which all integration with all our other modules is possible. All modules can be integrated as needed and also scaled and expanded as your business grows.

Choose a turnkey industry solution that grows with your business

Experience the benefits of an industry-specific all-round solution


CompuSoft offers industry-specific all-round solutions for many types of companies in tourism, experiences, sports and leisure.


The solutions are based on our self-developed products for booking, ticketing, access control, consumption payment, administration, shop, restaurant, sports, wellness and webshops.


Our highly flexible back-end system forms the cornerstone for integration with all our other products, which can be tailored to specific needs. We offer individually tailored solutions that can be combined and scaled as needed, and which provide new opportunities for interaction, customer service and additional sales in your company.


Experience the benefits of a solution that 


  • is specifically intended for your industry
  • has all the features you could wish for
  • can be expanded with a wide range of add-on modules
  • is stress-tested by some of Europe's largest tourism companies

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We embrace your entire facility, all facilities and all services


We offer a wide range of modules and add-ons. Many more than we can show you here on our website.

We develop all our products in-house, which enables us to meet the vast majority of needs, regardless of the size and complexity of the project.


A CompuSoft total solution makes it easier for your guests to book all kinds of stays, activities and events. At the same time, we take care of all functions in your company. From your guest shopping online on one of your booking channels, additional sales/service during the visit, until the guest checks out again, as well as all intermediate administration, front desk and backend tasks and subsequent follow-up/evaluation:


  • Online booking with online channel management caters to your guests
  • The booking system handles all guest types and all rental objects
  • The ticketing and access control system handles all types of access to sports, events, experiences and facilities
  • The consumption measurement and payment system handles guests' consumption of electricity, water and heat
  • The checkout terminal solution for shops/restaurants shows checkout flow in all associated departments
  • Self-service solution allows guests to shop 24/7
  • Task managers manage practical tasks for staff
  • The parking system handles arrival areas and motorhome areas
  • Marketing for retaining guests and additional sales
  • Guest apps provide an overview and superlative service for guests and additional sales for your business
  • The accounting module with automated functions and bookkeeping for all known ERP systems
  • Central Administration, key figures and Business Intelligence.


Our business area covers the entire process from consulting, design, development and implementation to operation and support of IT solutions, hosting and web services. The solutions can be scaled for different sizes of companies:


  • Small and medium-sized companies
  • Large companies
  • Groups and chains
  • "The shop in the shop", companies with separate departments.
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Booking and management

  • Inhouse booking
  • Back-end system with CRM and ERP features
  • Front-end system with every conceivable tool
  • Dynamic online booking
  • Online Channel Management (real-time synchronization with approximately 300 booking portals)
  • Web and hosting
  • Marketing
  • etc
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Ticketing system and access control

  • Self-service terminals
  • Ticket systems
  • Access control for doors, barriers etc.
  • Automatic License plate recognition
  • Parking systemer
  • etc
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Payment solutions

  • Digital available/occupied LED signs
  • Cashier POS
  • Guest app
  • Online payment site
  • Digital consumption measurement
  • Discount and gift card module
  • etc
If you have a business idea, we are happy to help make it a reality

If you have a business idea, we are happy to help make it a reality

CompuSoft solutions support several types of companies in tourism, attractions, sports and events. But we also provide tailor-made solutions for companies that go beyond the business areas that we usually support.  


Our comprehensive and flexible product range can be adapted to many different companies and functions. We always have new projects in the pipeline, and we offer many more products than we can present here on our website. So we may already have the solution you are looking for. And should it turn out, unexpectedly, that this is not the case, and you instead need a very special software solution, we will be happy to help realize your idea.


Our many years of experience in the industry means that we understand your needs and are able to advise, inspire and challenge you. We support you throughout the process; from when you first think about the functionality in your business, until you have the tailor-made solution that is available to serve your guests.


Find your industry on the industry list and see what we can do for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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