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ELKA gate openers and barrier systems

We sell ELKA boom barrier systems and gate automation

ELKA manufactures high-quality gate automation and boom barrier systems. We sell ELKA's products and offer installation and service on ELKA's comprehensive range.


ELKA's boom barriers and gates can be fully integrated with CompuSoft booking, access control and consumption payment. It configures with e.g. a self-service terminal, license plate recognition, MobilePay, card payment, VIP module, parking system, chip readers, code keyboards, etc.


"We have taken another step towards being able to deliver the entire palette within booking and access control and thus offer our customers coherent solutions." says Preben Christiansen, technical manager at CompuSoft.


Your guests feel welcome when you introduce access control


The introduction of access control is a success when guests feel welcome, and they may even find it easier to use the services at your facility.


Interaction between your booking system, access control and payment solution provides new possibilities, and makes it easy to manage access to your facility without having to compromise on customer service and availability.


We provide elegant self-service solutions for easy access control for e.g. campsites, marinas, attractions and parking areas.