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Named one of Europe's 12 best campsites. Have used CompuSoft booking since 1992!

Hvidbjerg Strand Superior Camping & Resort

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Hvidbjerg Strand Superior Camping & Resort

6-star camping in Denmark - among the 12 best in Europe - Superplatz - Denmark's largest resort.


Experiences, holiday cabins, hotel apartments, beach villas, pitches for caravans and motorhomes as well as a playground, wellness area and water park. All out of the ordinary - and all operated by CompuSoft booking solution.

Far-sighted management implemented CompuSoft booking system back in 1992!

We have collaborated with Hvidbjerg Strand Camping for many years. Since 1992 in fact. Here, Hvidbjerg Strand Camping was among the first pioneers to implement an electronic booking system at the reception.

The team behind Hvidbjerg Strand Camping are still pioneers; they never idle and are in constant motion. New ideas and far-sighted ideas are constantly emerging here, making guests' holidays even better and more enjoyable, as well as providing new opportunities for optimizing and developing their successful business. We are proud that CompuSoft booking solution has helped to form the technical framework for Hvidbjerg Strand Camping's success.

CompuSoft's flexible and dynamic booking solution makes it all work together

Hvidbjerg Strand Camping's booking solution is tailored and optimized with a wealth of features, automation and administrative tools that ensure guests a smooth arrival and a good start to the holiday.


The resort's online booking is operated by our latest, dynamic online booking V3 which makes it easy for guests to choose from the resort's many choices and to book all types of stays.

The integrated, chip-based access control system from CompuSoft handles entry and exit to the entire facility as well as guests' access to the 700 m2 playground, to the large water park and wellness area, and makes it easy for guests to use the facility's facilities.


The system handles in-house guests as well as outside visitors from the catchment area's holiday homes.


See Hvidbjerg Strand Camping's online booking here

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