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It’s AMAZING – THANK YOU SO MUCH. Just named Company of the Year 2020 by Nordfyns Erhverv og Turisme

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On June 10th, 2021, we received the “Company of the Year 2020” award from Nordfyns Erhverv og Turisme. It’s SUPER EXCITING!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the prestigious award and the accompanying beautiful painting, which already adorns our company walls.

Reason for Award: Over a number of years, CompuSoft has managed to develop within one of the trends of the time, namely experiences, leisure and holidays.
CompuSoft is one of the largest export companies in Nordfyn, with export to several markets, including Germany, Sweden, and Norway.
The company has generally delivered a good and stable profit and in 2021 a physical expansion of the company in Søndersø will be carried out.


CEO Thomas Traberg-Larsen receives the “Company of the Year 2020” award from Nordfyns Erhverv og Turisme. The award was presented at Nordfyns Erhvers og Turisme’s (NEET) general assembly on June 10th, 2021, by chairman, Jimmy Rasmussen.


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Also, a big thank you to OUR SKILLED AND DEDICATED EMPLOYEES that always go above and beyond in their efforts. And thank you for the beautiful cake that our employees Christine and Karen made for the occasion of CompuSoft winning the award.


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