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CompuSoft expands by 430 m2 to 1000 m2 office premises

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The excavator has arrived!

On 23 August 2021, we broke ground on our 430 m2 new office extension to our software house in Søndersø.


We have been looking forward to getting more space for existing and new employees as well as to welcome our clients in our new facilities. With the new extension our total office premises in Søndersø is now a whopping 1000 m2.


PR Erhvervs Byggeri A/S from Otterup is responsible for the construction of our new office premises, which we expect to start using in January 2022.


The picture shows a 3D drawing of the new extension. The extension unites our existing office building with our workshop and warehouse buildings. Thus, a closed courtyard is formed with four wings. In the courtyard, terraces and activities for employees and guests will be established.




19 September 2021
The building quickly begins to take shape. The foundation has been cast and the outer walls are starting to go up. We can begin to imagine the size of our new office premises :)

2 September 2021

Today insulation for the foundation arrived. It takes up quite a lot of space!

1 September 2021

Gravel is filled in and tamped well and thoroughly.

23 August 2021

The excavator goes crazy in the garden.

22 August 2021

The excavator has arrived! Before the excavator can get to work, plants and stones must be moved so they can be reused in the new construction. Here Lene and Jane are in action.


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