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Two double emergency power systems to further secure your IT operations

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Has CompuSoft joined the war?

No, although it could look that way now that we have just received our new extra emergency power system for our data center in Søndersø.

The emergency power system is identical to our existing emergency power system that for many years have supported our backup data center in Odense.

At our data center in Søndersø, we already have a natural gas-based power emergency system for our server operations. Yet when, due to the war, warnings of possible supply problems began to be issued, we decided to invest in the “sister system” to our diesel-powered emergency power system, which we already have good experience with at our backup data center in Odense.


The two identical emergency power systems have previously been used by the Danish Armed Forces to supply a military camp in Afghanistan.


Naturally, once the system is fully connected, it will be “wrapped up neatly” so that the military colors are no longer visible.


The diesel-powered emergency power systems are part of CompuSoft’s overall power supply plan where we focus on 100 % green energy. This happens via our well-established solar cell system, which will soon be joined by a wind turbine.


Should it happen that both solar and wind power fail at the same time as the public electricity grid breaks down, we thus have both a gas-powered emergency power system and now also a double-double diesel-powered emergency power system to support IT operations.


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