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First Camp is among the 5 major digital players in Sweden

First Camp

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Being able to search for, buy and change bookings conveniently has become an important ingredient in our travel day in 2020. The demands for a smooth purchasing flow, integrated digital services and clear information are only increasing with each passing year.


While 2020 may not be known as a big year for travelers, many travel sites have taken the opportunity to develop their digital services and offerings.


This also applies in particular to the Swedish camping chain, First Camp, which has created an exciting and dynamic travel site.


The magazine "" has placed First Camp among the top 5 in the travel category, and says about the site:


"Here you can both book a place and find lots of inspiration for the different destinations. There are neat, attractive pictures and headlines that can make anyone set up camp.


You can have a personal experience by becoming a member and logging in to "My pages", where you collect bonus points and receive discounts and offers. First Camp also offers its own app."

CompuSoft is responsible for the design and development of First Camp's comprehensive online booking solution, which brings together 40 camping destinations throughout Scandinavia. In close collaboration with First Camp's marketing department, a booking site has been created that successfully guides and inspires visitors to holiday experiences.


Congratulations to First Camp. It is very much a well-deserved nomination!


First Camp's online booking site


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