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Great news!  From now on you can easily find us at COMPUSOFT.COM

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Our web domain has changed to


The days with .dk and .eu are over!

We moved away from our original domains, and, to a combined website on


Our new domain eases the access to our website for guests, customers or business partners from all over the world and opens new opportunities for improving and streamlining names of CompuSoft apps and services.


We are still the same


You will still meet the same company as we were before. The only thing that has changed is our web domain.


E-mails and Online HelpDesk changes to .com as well


From now on when you receive e-mails from us, all our e-mails are send from [email protected].

The change also affects our employees’ e-mail account.

Our CompuSoft Online Helpdesk receives this update as well. From today you can access our online HelpDesk via

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