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CompuSoft now has its own wind turbine to supply sustainable energy to the operations and hosting center

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We have reached a new milestone

On 6 June 2023, CompuSoft reached a new milestone as we hoisted our own wind turbine. It is a great joy to see the wings turning for the first time.

The wind turbine has been set up at CompuSoft’s home address in Søndersø near Odense, where it will deliver sustainable energy to CompuSoft’s operations center and booking platforms.




Our very own wind turbine and solar park

The wind turbine is 18 meters high and the blades 8 meters, which means a total height of 26 meters. The wind turbine can produce up to 25 kWh. The wind turbine is connected directly to the power grid and, together with our already existing solar park and battery bank, strengthens our sustainable profile and ESG key figures.

The wind turbine can be seen from Odensevej when you drive by Søndersø’s industrial district.

PS: We’ve had drones in the air to film the hoisting of the wind turbine – tune in on Friday 9 June when we release the video!


Strengthens environmental strategy

The wind turbine is part of CompuSoft’s environmental strategy and ESG key figures. We are aware climate change is happening and we therefore aim to improve our environmental results and want to strengthen a positive climate impact by reducing our CO2 footprint.


We are experiencing an increasing demand for awareness of our environmental initiatives. Most of our customers operate within the camping, leisure, and tourism industry in Scandinavia and Germany. Many of our customers are visionary and have a strong focus on the environment, which is why it makes extra sense for us to support our hosting center and the operation of our booking platform with sustainable energy.  


Thank you to the Municipality of Nordfyn and our neighbors

We would like to send a big thank you to the Municipality of Nordfyn for giving the permission and at the same time to our dear neighbors for also being on board with the idea.


You are welcome to download our "Clean Booking Certificate"

Remember that as a CompuSoft customer you are welcome to use our ”Clean Booking Certificate” in your marketing and inform your guests and visitors that you want to strengthen a positive climate impact.


Fun facts and a bit of history:

A 100 years ago, not far from Søndersø, another wind turbine, although somewhat smaller, was hoisted. In 1920, Christian Holst Christensen founded ”Ore Sawmill” and a few years later the sawmill built a windmill to drive the saws. 100 years later Thomas Traberg-Larsen and Lene Holst Traberg-Larsen (the latter of whom is the grandchild of the sawmill owner) hoist a wind turbine.




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