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CompuSoft Wins Environmental Award

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We are proud to announce that we have won an environmental award!


Each year the Municipality of Nordfyn awards “Miljøprisen” to a company that has made a special effort for the environment in the previous year.


The award is given for CompuSoft’s efforts for sustainable waste sorting and self-sufficient energy consumption.



The picture is from Nordfyns Erhverv og Turisme (NEET) general assembly 2023 with award presentations.


At CompuSoft we are aware that climate change is happening. We therefore aim to improve our CO2 footprint.

As part of our environmental strategy, several measures have been introduced: 


As solution provider for the hospitality & leisure industry, we operate, among other things, online booking and online payments for tourism companies in Scandinavia and Germany, resulting in millions of transactions on our server park. We are focused on our CO2 footprint, and tourist companies using a CompuSoft solution can use our "Clean Booking Certificate" in their marketing and show their guest that they use natural energy for the operation of their booking and payment solution.

You can learn more about our initiatives here.

Thanks to the Municipality of Nordfyn for the award!



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